Lots of fellow MUAs, beauty salon and spa owners ask me how they can make extra money in their businesses.

salonOK, we work really hard and do a great job. But we do a lot more hours than we actually get paid for – making sure our kit is all in order, ordering products, taking bookings, traveling to shoots and gigs, or just being at the salon to fit in with that client who can only come in the evening.

And when you work it all out at the end of the week, you’ve not actually made that much.

That’s because we are just trading our time for money.

Just like you do in a JOB!  – but with all the uncertainty and risk of having your own business.

Who’s going to pay you when you’re on holiday, or worse still, if you get sick? Will your maternity pay stretch as far as your wages or salary? And what happens when you finally retire and reap that lovely pension you’ve worked so hard to build up?

What pension?

There just has to be better ways. Time for Plan B.

We will look at some of the different ways we can easily increase our salon, mobile or location income – without actually doing more work. When you see it, you’ll think “Why didn’t I think of that?”

We’ll start off looking at the internet and email as a way of capitalising on the latest technology.

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